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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How much do you know about information literacy?

Take our Information Literacy Quiz. Answers will be posted by Friday!
Somewhat Savvy (0-5 points)
Moderately Savvy (6-10 points)

Downright Nerdy (10+ points)

1. List four major search engines and a major directory.
2. What is a blog?
3. Why might you use quotation marks when conducting a search?
4. URL is an acronym for:
5. Identify three Boolean search terms.
6. How do you find the owner or publisher of a Web site?
7. Identify these extensions and what they represent: (.org .com .sch .k12 .edu .gov .ac .net .mil .co)
8. How do you find out who is linked to your school’s Web site?
9. What clues in a Web address might indicate you are on a personal Web site?
10. How would you conduct a search for the following: a list of Web sites of all the academic institutions in South Africa? (Hint: South Africa’s country code is .za)
11. How do you find the history of any given Web site?
12. How would you conduct a search for the following: US higher education Web sites that contain the word turtle?
13. How do sites get to the top of a result list in GOOGLE?

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