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Thursday, January 11, 2018

US Students in "Advanced Topics in Computer Science" Code in Machine Language

Upper School students explore coding languages in their Advanced Topics in Computer Science course. Through collaboration and curiosity, they build on their skills to complete a variety of projects including the video game Pong.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Grammar Website in the English Classroom

Grammar Website created entirely by the MS English Teachers (through the launch grant program) is a new and innovative approach to teaching and learning grammar. The site is a comprehensive writing resource for BB&N Middle School students. Students use the website to watch Parts of Speech grammar videos, review the definitions of the Parts of Speech and play Parts of Speech review games.

The Makey Makey Learns a New Language! - YEAR TWO!

In the second annual Makey Makey science project, 7th graders designed an interactive objects using a MakeyMakey kit. Touching different locations on the object complete a circuit and produce different sentences they are currently studying at the Middle School.

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Art, Tech, & Math: Vinyl Cut Decals and 2D Tessellation Geometry Patterns on Pottery

Eighth grade students in Sasha’s Bergmann Wheel Pottery and Surface Design Class are learning tessellation patterning through a hands-on artistic application using the Silhouette Cameo printer and exploring a cutting-edge ceramics technology for glaze decoration. Each student designed a shape and printed the pattern repeatedly to create tessellation patterns on their decorative pottery.

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