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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

6th Grade Update- January in Review

6th grade students have spent the past month learning how to program in MIT's Scratch programming environment by exploring the software and completing various projects, both self-designed and as outlined in the Scratch Curriculum Guide.

4th Grade Update- January in Review

4th graders have been busy!  Since finishing their Excel graphs created with data from P.E. students have been practicing their touch-typing skills as well learning about Internet Safety.  In January, 4th graders started a new unit on Internet Safety, participating in several lessons from CommonSense Media's Digital Passport program.  Students will continue this program into February, completing lessons on cell phone use, distraction, and multitasking; the risks associated with sharing private information online; how to be an upstander instead of a bystander in cyberbullying situations; how to search more effectively online using keywords; and how to give creative credit when using other people's work in a project.

5th Grade Update- January in Review

5th graders have spent the last month mastering how to edit text in Microsoft Word.  They have been learning how to edit the font size, style, and color, insert page numbers and images with captions, and insert tables to create columns.  Every student practiced with a text about Obama first, and now each student is working on his/her own Colonial textbook. Topics include the following historical figures: William Penn, Paul Revere, Benjamin Franklin, Deborah Sampson, Franklin Pierce, Thomas Jefferson, and Sacagawea.

Friday, January 4, 2013

5h Grade Update- December in Review

BB&N 5th graders spent their time in the technology lab in December working on creating an iPod virtual field trip.  Every student wrote a paragraph describing a chosen photograph taken on their field trip to Plimoth Plantation in November.  Next, they recorded their paragraphs in GarageBand.  All photographs and printed paragraphs are currently on display in the Brick Building hallway, and the recordings are available on BB&N iPods which you can borrow from Megan Haddadi if you are interested.