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Monday, September 8, 2014

Summer Inspiration from HGSE

I took part in two learning opportunities at the Harvard Graduate School of Education this past summer that I would like to share with the BB&N community:

1) I was asked by a professor at the Ed School to help edit their updated Scratch "Creative Computing" Curriculum Guide, a design-based introduction to computational thinking.  Working closely with the Scratch curriculum guide gave me a new perspective on MIT's scratch programming language, particularly the value of reflection in the classroom.  Because of this experience, I have decided to modify my Scratch unit slightly and have my 6th grade students create a scratch design journal this year as well as make it a priority to give them more time in the classroom to think about and talk about their projects with one another.

2) I was extremely fortunate to be able to attend Project Zero's "Future of Learning" conference and while there became aware of their recent "Out of Eden Learn" project to accompany Paul Salopek's travels around the globe.  Learning about the "Out of Eden Learn" project was such an exciting end to my summer, as it brings together a number of experiences that I think are so important for our students in this day and age- students involved in the project are using technology to connect with people around the world, and they are communicating in meaningful ways.  For those of you who are not yet familiar with the "Out of Eden Learn" project, it is a platform created by Harvard Graduate School of Education's Project Zero.  They partner schools with 4-6 other schools throughout the world in what are called "walking parties."  Every two weeks the waking parties take part in "walking steps," together completing six steps.  Along the journey, schools learn about Paul's experiences around the globe as he travels on his "Out of Eden Walk."  Stay tuned to hear more about the walking steps our 5th grade students take this year...

Monday, September 1, 2014

Launch Recipients for the 2014-2015 Year

Maria Elena Derrien Carol FineLSMakey Makey Science Exploration
Aaron KellnerLSDigital Media in the Second Grade Classroom
Rachel StevensLSmath subscriptions
Leila Huff and Louisa PittLSGrammar Site
Rachel JamisonMSEvernote
Wendy SvatekMSTinkering
Stephanie MoonMSCircuit Sticker Drawings
Mariah NapenasUSDeveloping Instructional Videos
Allison KornetUSFlipped Classroom for Vanguard trainees
Gabriela GonzenbachUSGoogle Expertise with Haiku influence
Lisa ConwayUSiPad Integration
Amani AbuShakraUSBlogging site