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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Art on Display at the Upper School

The Art Department is at it again! The Gallery Talks last Thursday evening were a huge success and a lovely way to hear from student artists about the process of creating their pieces. Congrats to the Art Department on creating such a lovely evening and for putting up the Winter Student Art Show! And, a special thank you to Lanie for acting as the emcee for this event! The students that spoke about their art work included: Alex Evenchik (Ceramics), Ezra Burstein (Ceramics), Callie Costello (Advanced Painting and Drawing), Julie Peng (Introduction to Painting and Drawing), Peter Mankiw (Introduction to Painting and Drawing), Marin Lang (Advanced Photography), Emma Rashes (Introduction to Photography), Alex Fecteau (Design and Architecture), Kofi Yankey (Woodworking), and David Nazemi (Woodworking).
-from Katrina Fuller's Thursday Announcements and Reminders

Thanks to Andrew Warren, we now have a video playing on a loop in the faculty lounge as well as on the TV screen outside of the theater.  We have five videos of students talking about their art work at the winter student art show followed by three student-made music videos, produced for Warren's year-long"film and video" course.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Video Tutorials in the Upper School Spanish Classroom

To follow-up on Katrina's articles regarding sceencasting in the classroom on Nov 13th and 23rd, below is an update with a little more information from Rosario.

I use tutorial videos in my classes in order to maximize Spanish language use by my students during class time so they don’t have to be quiet listening to me in class but rather busy talking, collaborating, asking questions. This way class time is centered on the students and I can give instructions on the expectations for a Project, on what to do if I am going to be absent in class, on a grammar review or on how to prepare for the Final exam through a video tutorial that is more engaging. Students are still going to hear me say it in Spanish but they will listen to me at their own pace, as many times as they need to and will have to take responsibility figuring out what is expected of them. Having a class website makes it really easy to post everything for everyone.