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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Building Lamps in 7th Grade English

In English class the focus and priority is always reading and writing. It is important, however, to engage students in multiple methods of exploration and multiple ways to express understanding. Our “Choice Read Unit” provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with different modes of this exploration and expression. All students choose their own novel, so the challenge is to create a project that both honors the individual texts and unifies the class in creating something together.

This year students build lamps. The lamp shade has four sides, each depicting plot points and themes from the student’s novel. The class spent four days in the maker space constructing the bases and then decorating their shades using a wonderful wide range of materials, including decorative paper, paint, glitter, marker, googly eyes, etc. The students then wrote comprehensive “artist statements” that explain their novels and the creative choices they made in their lamp design. They are displayed in the LLC.

Betsy Canday
English Department Chair

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