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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Top 10 Tech Tips for Power Users

  1. Use canned responses in Gmail.
  2. Use voice dictation in Google Docs.
  3. Use priority in-box with unread, starred, everything else in Gmail. Unread or star emails that need more action later.
  4. Use reminders in Google calendar as to-do list.
  5. Set up VIP contacts in iPhone for notifications of important emails.
  6. Save your iPhone voicemail by emailing them to yourself.
  7. Set up a hot corner on your mac to lock it when you walk away.
  8. Enable 2-step verification to log into Google.
  9. Use a password manager like DashLane to save unique passwords for every website.
  10. Command-tab to switch between applications on a Mac if you are multi-tasking.

To view more tips, please visit our Tech Tips web page.

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