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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Explore the use of Sketchup in Latin

In the 8th grade Latin classroom, Tony Breen uses Sketchup to expose his students to multiple aspects of architectural construction and lets them get a glimpse into the various phases of the building process.

Sketchup Assignment:
Construct a monument (temple/victory column/arch etc.) to commemorate one of the following:
  • Religion 
  • Janus Mars V esta 
  • Historical Personae 
  • Cincinnatus
  • Constantine the Great Hadrian
  • Horatius
  • M. Agrippa
  • P. Cornelius Scipio Africanus Romulus
Incorporate a decorative element or elements which indicate some aspect(s) of the god/goddess or which refere to an episode of the character’s achievements. Somewhere on the monument indicate a likely date for its dedication (e.g. a cornerstone).

Prepare a short report (5 or 6 sentences) describing the story of the monument: to whom is it dedicated? What are its dimensions? What specific motifs does it include (types of column etc.)? Any symbolism in the monument?

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