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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Congratulations to BB&N Upper School Computer Science Students

Earlier this week a team of four BB&N computer science students attended Providence College's annual High School Computer Programming Contest, and they won second place!

The team also won 3rd place at the MIT Blueprint Hackathon this past Sunday.  Way to go programmers!  below is a summary from one of the participants:

Blueprint was basically all day Sunday. We (Cassandra, Aaron, Jack, and I) made a game for iOS called Gravity 4. It is essentially connect 4 except one may press a button and the board rotates and the pieces likewise fall according to the rotation. Cassandra and Aaron worked on the UI and game mechanics. Jack and I implemented wireless multiplayer using Parse as a backend. We had around 10 hours to code the whole thing and by the end we had a good product with only a few bugs. Three judges reviewed our app and we ended up getting third in the advanced division!

Providence College was a problem solving contest. There were a total of 9 problems, which one had to solve using either Java or C++... It was a lot of fun, but  it could have been better with more challenging problems and more teams (there were only about 14 teams of 4 people each). 


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