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Friday, March 4, 2016

Haiku Master on Campus!

Congratulations to Rosario Sánchez Gómez! She has been selected as one of three winners of Haiku Learning's "Raise Your Hand" contest, a best practices contest for Haiku-using teachers!  To enter, teachers accessed Haiku's Community Forum and described their most effective project, lesson, or assignment done using tools in HaikuLearning and why it was so effective.  As a reward, Rosario has earned:
  • Goodies! Haiku is sending Rosario the following: a Haiku Learning knapsack filled with Haiku Learning stickers and a Haiku Learning t-shirt. 
  • Blog post: Haiku will publish a blog post on their website showcasing Rosario's idea, so blog subscribers will see it as well as people who respond to their various social media postings about it. 
  • eBook: Haiku will publish Rosario's best practice within an eBook “Best Practices for Using Haiku Learning” that all Haiku Learning educators will be able to download. 

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Check out the Haiku Learning site to read Rosario's article:
A PBL Approach to Teaching World Languages

You can see Rosario's haiku page here.

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