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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Upper School Faculty Tech Byte #3- Embedding Google Forms in Haiku

In this morning's Upper School Faculty meeting Rosario shared how she uses google forms with her
students.  She walked her colleagues through the steps of creating and customizing a google form and demonstrated how to embed it on a Haiku site.  A few "ooh"s and "ah"s could be heard in the room,
as she displayed what the google form responses look like when viewed in summary form.  Lastly, she shared a few examples of how googles forms embedded in Haiku sites could be used my teachers.  The data collected can be anonymous, or it can record the students' names with their responses.  Data collection can be used as a way to see if students have completed their homework, such as by having them answer questions after watching a video or completing an assigned reading.  In class, teachers can give quizzes or use the questions as a form of formative assessment.

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