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Monday, June 8, 2015

Upper School Launch Grant: Google Expertise with Haiku influence

Since the beginning of the summer and during the school year, I have been using HAIKU with all my classes as I did in the previous year.  This year in particular, I decided to work on a combination of Google with HAIKU as I requested in my technology grant last summer.

It was very interesting on how easy it is to mix both platforms but at the same time, it was difficult to keep up using it for everything.  I asked my students to use Google docs and Google slides for any work that was requested in the class. This system worked very well.  One of the things that I could not do this year was Google group discussion.  I will be continuing the next school year adding more to what already we do with both, Google and Haiku.

It takes time to explore the endless possibilities I can find, especially with Google. I learned to use the green screen, Camtasia, and Screen cast.  I would love to explore more the Camtasia and Screen cast to create my own grammar videos.  I also learned many similar things in my GOA courses.  This was very important and valuable to do at the same time I was trying to do the grant.

By learning all of these technology techniques I realized that I needed to keep up with my students learning styles and other ways so I could reach each one of their needs.  And I think these two platforms will definitely help me figure out how to access to them either at school, home, or at any place they go.

I post my syllabus and other materials such as videos, readings, pictures, etc. in Haiku.  I also put up Google documents and slides in Haiku.  I started using the Haiku grading system but I stopped after the second semester because I noticed that I wasn’t been fair with the grading system.  This is a big ISSUE that I need to solve and I am asking for help.  At the end of the school year, I had to manually calculate my students’ grades because I got stocked in the program.

Thank you for the opportunity I was given to do this grant.


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