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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Evernote in the MS Classroom

For my launch grant, I piloted a project in which students were required to use Evernote to take notes in class to chronicle their work on an iPad (pictures, audio and text) and progress on an independent project, the building of a whirligig. As move we forward with the renovation and the shift with respect to technology (1:1), since I use Evernote for my own teaching and organization, I wanted to explore how to implement the use of Evernote by my students in/for class. Additionally, in our MS Tech Committee meetings, we have dedicated quite a bit of time to the idea of “work flow” and digital organization/management, and I was hoping that this exploration might help to garner some new insights into these discussions.
When we return to the MS post renovation, students will have laptops, so I am thinking about what my parameters around note-taking will be. Some questions for me are/were: Do I want to have a paperless classroom? If so, how do I do that? What is the best tool and what is the most seamless work flow?

Because of my own work with Evernote, I figured it would be great to try with my students. Evernote has a free 1-GB/month plan that students can sign up for with an email account (BBN Gmail), and it is multiplatform (iPad, Android, Mac & PC). Evernote also has many web add-ons and additional supplemental apps (Penultimate for iPad, Skitch for iPad and Mac). Additionally, if the classroom where I teach has an Apple TV, students with Mac devices were able to project their work.
Based on my exploration, I think that as we move to 1:1, Evernote might prove beneficial in many facets of our work here at BB&N.

·      Teaching and learning digital organization
·      Note-taking
·      Creating yearlong portfolios (with both scanned and digital work)
·      Research
·      Sharing notes, ideas, brainstorms electronically
·      Using less paper (we are not yet at paperless) and ink

Right now, since we have a BBN account, I have explored benefits of Evernote Business and have helped other teachers explore and use this tool for planning and/or for teaching. Additionally, during the BB&N un-conference, I offered a workshop on Evernote and have presented my findings at a faculty meeting.   See movie of powerpoint presentation

Rachel Jamison
MS English Teacher

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