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Monday, June 5, 2017

Leveraging Google Apps for PG&E

In my role as new faculty mentor, I have spent quite a bit of time using and discussing the student surveys that were implemented several years ago. In that time, I have often wondered if there was a better way to provide teachers with feedback from their students. One of the things that is important for student learning is their classroom experience, and I believe if we gave them more of an opportunity to reflect on and share their thoughts with us, we could all benefit, students and teacher alike. Not only does this provide teachers with concrete data and feedback, but it also empowers the students and provides them a voice in the conversation about teacher growth and development.

So over the summer and during the 16-17 school year, using Google Forms, I developed a survey that was similar to the one originally created by Charlie Ruopp, the then Head of Academic Affairs. Initially, the technology used to create and disseminate that survey was Survey Monkey. My hope was that by using Google Forms, faculty would have more flexibility in the creation of the survey and  in data analysis.

  • This summer will be research and development
  • Test it out at the first quarter
  • Tweak it for the semester
  • Re-test at semester
  • Implement for EOY
  • 17-18 School Year - Dept Heads discuss more revisions

Please click here for a Slides Presentation that further explains my process and progress. Also here is a sample of what I developed with the help of the MS Faculty and Administration.

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