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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Upper School Students Participate in Global Online Conference

Over 250 students from 10 countries in 9 different Global Online Academy classes are presenting their projects online this week at the very first GOA Catalyst Conference! Classes include Comparative Politics, Digital Journalism, Energy, Game Theory, Gender Studies, iOS App Development, Neuropsychology, Organic Chemistry in Modern Life, Advocacy, and Medical Problem Solving. The projects are focused on advocating for change in their local communities. The conference will be entirely asynchronous, allowing participants worldwide to attend and interact with the conference presenters. The student’s advocacy will fall into one of three categories: raising awareness, promoting grassroots action, or promoting institutional change. Within our BB&N community, Dr Cataldo's Neuropsychology class will present, as will BB&N students in the following GOA courses: Advocacy,Gender Studies, and Game Theory. If you are interested in following the conference and seeing what issues BB&N participants are tackling, register at And follow along on twitter with #GOAndchangeit

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