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Friday, December 4, 2015

Technology Integration in Upper School Spanish: Book Creator App in iPads and Skype

Several exciting activities have been happening in Rosario’s classes! Spanish III students recently created a story using the iPad app Book Creator. Stories were based on a crime scene set up in the classroom and required students to include a narration of the events using past tenses and utilize a video of a witness interrogation. You can check out their work here: Crime scene book

Meanwhile, students in AP Spanish have been Skyping with students at a school near Barcelona and discussing the Catalan independence movement happening right now. An example of their conversation can be found here: AP Spanish Skype

Students in Spanish 5 Honors have also been Skyping, but this time with two alumni who are currently in Spain studying on a semester abroad. The entire class period was spent discussing (in Spanish, of course) life it Spain and what it’s like to be a student there.

-Katrina Fuller

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