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Friday, November 20, 2015

BB&N Upper School Robotics

On Saturday, Mike B and the Robotics Team are going to their first robotics competition of the year at North Andover High school. This year, BB&N is excited to bring two teams to the competition! Students this weekend will compete with 40 teams in the Vex Robotics competition. The goal of this year’s contest is for the robot to gather balls from the playing field and shoot them into a net. Students have had since September to design and build their robots.

And, in other exciting robotics news, three students are currently in the middle of a virtual robotics competition (Zero Robotics, hosted by MIT and NASA). In this virtual competition, our team (currently in an alliance with teams from Italy and from Maine) has to create software that controls virtual satellites in a fierce head-to-head satellite battle. In the end, the winning team’s software will actually be sent to the International Space Station so that the competition can be carried out on live, real satellites! Go Knights!

-Katrina Fuller

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