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Friday, February 15, 2013

4th Grade Internet Safety- Digital passport Summaries

In January and February, 4th graders completed the following Internet Safety lessons:
Communication: Twalkers- Students learn why it's important to avoid multitasking with a cell phone. They consider the benefits of focusing on one task at a time.
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Privacy: Share Jumper- Students evaluate examples of online messages. They decide what information is appropriate to share and when. Students are also reminded that nothing is truly "private" or "erasable" online.
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Cyberbullying: E-Volve- Students make choices about what to do if they or their friends are cyberbullied. They are encouraged to "evolve" into an “Upstander” – someone who takes action to stop cyberbullying, rather than standing by.
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Search: Search Shark- Students learn how to choose effective keywords for searching online. They practice selecting keywords that are most relevant to a search prompt. Along the way, students discover hints for narrowing their search results.
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Creative Credit: Mix-n-Mach- Students remix media content to create a new creative piece. Along the way, they give proper credit to the artists whose images and sound clips they use.

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