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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Arts Day Festival at the Middle School - Friday, March 11th

The Middle School Arts Festival is on Friday, March 11th. As part of the KNBC curriculum for the year, the members of KNBC will be taking a lead role in the Arts Day Festival/Celebration. Kids in KNBC club will run a 85-90 minutes workshops for their peers. To prepare for the workshop they were asked to create an attractive flyer that gives an overview of their workshop, a sample lesson plan, a How-to handout and a video example to be presented during this week's morning assembly. Below are a few examples created by the kids:

Xtranormal Workshop:

Animation Workshop:

Below is the list of workshops offered March 11th; all were chosen by the kids based on their interest and technical expertise:
  • Make Your Dream Trailer
  • Satirical Shorts with iMovie
  • Music Videos
  • Animation Cartoons
  • Stories with XTRANORMAL
  • Fun with Photoshop

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