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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Conference "Take-Aways"

NAIS 2011 Conference
Professional development is part of the mission of the BB&N Technology Department. As such, we decided that any time a member of our department goes to a conference we would report back to the team on what we learned by posting a blog entry. I recently attended the 2011 NAIS annual conference and afterwards spent some time thinking about the experience... My conference "take-aways" are fully described in my blog on ISEnet, but here is the list in brief:

1) We need to help improve public education.
2) YouTube has some pretty amazing analytic tools. (see video below)
3) North Carolina Association of Independent Schools is leading an online learning program.
4) Cloud computing offers a wealth of free online software.
5) Google's iCal feeds are pretty cool.

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