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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Initial Impressions of BB&N

It's great to be working at BB&N- this is such an intellectually stimulating place! I've been here for about three months and it is clear to me that the school is full of smart, vibrant, and fun students, teachers, and administrators. I've had the pleasure of sitting in on several faculty meetings and am starting to make the rounds on the EPC meetings. Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending the US diversity committee meeting. Several teachers and administrators sit on this committee under Mr. Bryant's wise leadership, but I was truly impressed by the students on this committee. Their ideas, wisdom, and eloquence on the topic of diversity at BB&N was a real pleasure to hear. These juniors and seniors stand out in my mind as shining examples of what this place is all about. One of the students mentioned how easy it is these days to skype with her friends in places like Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. It's great to hear how technology like this is getting to be so easy to use, and connects us across a disparate globe.

Meanwhile, another committee I'm on is looking at the evolving role of school libraries in this new century. We are thinking about how the digital revolution is changing what happens inside and out of our libraries. If you would like to read more about it, please visit this discussion over on the Independent School Educators network.

~ Demetri Orlando
Director of Technology

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