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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Building a Lamp In the 7th Grade English Classroom

A sampling of BB&N student lamps in the makerspace.

Last November when I visited Park School for the gathering of the MEMSET educators (Massachusetts Elementary and Middle School Educational Technologists), I have notices a display of some beautiful lamps in the Library. Dean Laabs, an Art Teacher at Park school has been building lamps with students in his art class.  I knew right away that this could be a great project for one of the MS teachers at BBN.

The goal of the pilot MS launch grant project (Betsy Canaday, English Department Head) was to have students integrate their understanding of a novel with concepts of design thinking. The project hoped to forge new ways of connecting students understanding of literature to the planning, design, and creation of a piece of art.  Students in 7th grade English classroom build a lamp that demonstrated their understanding of their Choice Reading Novel. Below are some of the snapshots and a quick video from the this pilot project.

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